Don't just be the change you want to see in the world ..... influence it ... behavioural and social change marketing

Behavioural Marketing Insights is a digital, direct and data-driven behavioural marketing and communications multimedia publishing project 

This site is our home site which outlines the project and some other points of interest.  

Our aim and mission is to help social enterprises, not for profits, charities and SME’s looking to make a positive social impact get their message heard within all the digital noise.   

Currently we are in the process of setting up a social community to provide advice, analysis and best practice on using digital, direct and data-driven marketing and communications technologies, behavioural economics, neurolinguistics, psychometrics and psychology to bring about positive social change. 

The social community web address is currently this is not open to membership but already there are lots of articles that may be of interest and some help there.  

Further to this we will be releasing a podcast and some tools to aid those looking to make a positive social impact. 

With over 18 years-experience in digital marketing, starting off as a freelance SEO service, we have the hands-on experience, knowledge, training and expertise to help. 

We also write, debate and comment on digital ecosystems, social media and digital technology together with digital rights, data protection and the proliferation of fake news an online fraud/interference. 

If you are a charity, not for profit or social enterprise looking for advice and support, then get in contact today.


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