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Behavioural Markeitng Insights is a digital applications and social community publishing project that produces our own multimedia outlets for knowledge, support and news on subjects we have a passion about. 

The aim of each digital media outlet is to be thought leaders and knowledge transfer hubs for people also interested in these subjects to continually move the discussions forward and for those people to get involved with the conversation through our social web apps and networks. 

We are particularly interested in supporting those looking to make a positive social impact and become architects of change to get their voice heard and message heard in a continually noisy digital world.  

With this in mind we are also advocates and campaigner for protecting people digital privacy and keeping the internet free from governmental or big business control.  


We also on occasion provide freelance digital, direct and data-driven marketing consultancy to SME’s and social enterprises looking to make a positive social impact. 

This site was originally setup as insomnia marketing in 2002 by founder Sam O'Prey its freelance SEO guy based in Telford, Shropshire in the UK. 

Sam then went on to work in several digital and direct marketing roles within Shropshire as well as offer freelance services in SEO, Digital Marketing and Data Analytics to businesses, charities and web design agencies. Specialising and cutting his cloth in the niche of digital and direct data-driven marketing with behavioural insights.   

Sam now works full time (when not writing about himself in the third person) for a world leading OEM in metrology equipment and software as the UK Sales & Marketing Manager for their Aftermarket Business. 

Therefore, this site is an active blog and advice site offering only offering occasional support to charities and good causes we believe in. The main aim of this blog site and the others is to help people realise how they can make a positive difference in the world by embracing and learning the basics of digital marketing and behavioural insights. 

We have now setup a new social community publishing project @ DigitalAndDirectMarketing.com where all of our latest blogs and articles on all thing Digital, Direct and Data-Driven in the marketing world are being written. The social community aspect has not yet been made active but will be in due course as we build content, create podcasts and tools for marketers and architects of change can use in a pragmatic way.  




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