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  1. Data Structure and SEO

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    Google tries to understand your website to ensure it is relevant to the searches that people are making. This means when planning or optimising a website we need to consider this and make it easier for Google to find the relevant pages and information required to understand your site.

    Create a Schema. This serves certain scripts to Google in order to aid the search engine in search and find the most relevant pages on your site that the searcher may wish to see. What Google is looking to do here is to help the user so that they do not have to spend more time searching around in your site in order to find the content that they are looking for.

    Instead here Google looks for the scripts on your site that relate to the type of content that the customer may be looking for such as reviews, testimonials and such and Google then ranks these relevant pages in the users search results.

    Effectively it saves time for the consumer and provides them with a better user experience.

    Remember Google is all about user experience, yes so that they can make money off the advertising targeted to those users (let’s not make them holier than what they really are), but if we have a strategy of redesigning our site and digital marketing strategy around improving the customer experience we will be in line with the Google strategy.

    Through this focus on data structure we can aid Google in improving their user experience.

    You should add scripts to your site that will show reviews and star ratings on search engine rankings. These rating are good for your SEO and can add both Google and user trust to your site. 

    As with all customer review areas of your business you need to be on top of managing your online reputation.

  2. Search Engine Optimisation discussion

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    In the world of digital marketing SEO is somewhat of the grandfather and some would even suggest that it is no longer as important and it once was with the onset and power of social networks and so on.  

    Well as an SEO guy I may be somewhat biased but I believe it is still the backbone of any digital marketing strategy. After all 70% of the traffic that clicks through Google goes through the top unpaid rankings on the first page.

    So regardless of the traffic you get through social media marketing, pay per click or other sources Google is still your top source of traffic to your website, or at least it should if your website is optimised properly for search engines.

    SEO has always been part art part science and part playing the game. With Google ever changing the playing field it has been all about staying one step in front of the changes.  The problem has been that so many unethical black hat SEO engineers have tried to game the system too much and effectively spamming the search engine results and Google to improve user experience has had to react by updating and changing the algorithms.

    With panda, penguin and hummingbird there has always been some shifting sands within the world of an SEO engineer. It has been a headache and time of stress when dealing with client’s website but it has been relatively fine for those of us who have been focused on serving the customer of the customer and not just getting search engine rankings for the sake of it.

    Focusing on relevant content for the relevant keyword searches that serves the customer to get a page with the information they were looking for.


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