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  1. Convert your visitors

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    Ok we have been running a bit behind with blog posts due to work load etc. For this we apologise.

    Today’s topic is quite simply conversion rates.

    I know what some of you SEO’s out there will say “I get the traffic to the website, it’s not my job to convert it” but quite frankly on this we would have to agree to differ.

    If your SEO work has been done properly then the visitors to the website will be more relevant and targeted and if they are more relevant and targeted then they will be more likely to make a purchase. This together with a website that points the visitor to a buying decision will make any SEO’s role all the more important to the company.

    Correctly placed and relevant links, copy that is displayed in the pages title tags and displayed on the search engine rankings that is inviting and relevant to the web pages content will all add to a more targeted audience. Reducing your bounce rate and increasing your conversion rate.  

    So build into your SEO strategy a plan to increase more targeted traffic to your website and you will soon reap the rewards.


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  2. Mixed Mode Selling

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    One of the key areas of business is allowing your customers to decide how they contact you. For a website or an eBusiness this is even more so the case because online customers are more aware and cautious of online security threats. 

    Because of this websites that only have an email address, a form to fill in or just a payment button may be losing revenue purely because they are not offering more modes of contact. If a customer thinks they will not be able to call, write, email or fax you if they have an issue with the products they buy from you they are more than likely to move on to the company or website that does.

    On top of this because of the perceived online security threats in making purchases an large percentage of your potential customers will not make a purchase online even with a trusted site and perceive, whether valid or not, that ordering via telephone is much safer.

    So what does this mean for the eBusiness owner? Well have full contact details available to the searcher. Including telephone number, preferably 0800 or other free phone numbers for other countries, fax number, address and email.  Also adding some kind of live support will add to the feeling that yours is a website that is open to communication.

    Adding in security certificates and testimonials will help also.

    Be careful though; if you add telephone numbers and email addresses, even love support you need to make sure you man it. Your response straight away not 24-48 hours later as delayed or no response at all will only infuriate the customers.  

    You will also need customer service and sales skills to make your call backs and email/call handling as positive an experience as possible.

    Mixed Mode Selling: selling via the internet, email, telephone and more. 


    All Blog Articles, SEO and Digital Marketing Advice from SEO Engineer and Digital Marketing Analyst; Sam O'Prey from Telford, Shropshire in the UK