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  1. New Articles in Sleepless Dystopian on GDPR & Sensemaking in the Theatre Digital Political

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    Some highlights from the new articles on our Social Magazine and Blogging Network SleeplessDystopian.com

    The first article out in recent weeks looks at the idea of Sensemaking throughout all the digital noise, lies, propaganda, disinformation, fake news, hackers and crackers and god knows what else all aimed at confusing, bemusing and manipulating your vote. 

    Sensemaking in the senseless digital theatre of politics 

    The idea of being able to make sense out of all this noise is whats keeping us up at night. 

    the second article Looks at GDPR and data privacy and whether this is a threat to creativity or a needed constraint


    GDPR; Opportunity or Legal Constraint for your business, organization or cause?

    In Data-Driven Marketing and Data Protection

    We also have a wonderful example of deepfakes in our new videos section where it appears Brois Johnson and Jermey Corbyn are endorsing each other for prime minister 


    Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn back each other as Prime Minister

    Deepfakes: this deep fake video wants to warn you about deep fakes. With a general election just around the corner, it is crucial that people not only recognise how easy it is to be fooled by this kind of technology but also need to be reminded to check out the facts for themselves from trusted sources. 

    Yes this video, another one from the great artists Bill Poster is at times somewhat obvious that it is a fake, but that it is partly the point, it does not claim to be one or the other telling people to vote for their the guy but is a tongue in cheek way of showing how this technology works. Normally these deepfakes are a lot harder to spot

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