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Cheats on Modern Warfare 2 on PS3

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There is no mistake Modern Warfare 2 is a class game. The game itself is good if a little short and the co-ops are ok but somewhat limited with only allowing two players. But then it really is all about multiplayer online gaming.


And it has to be said this is mainly class too apart from the cheats. The whole point of online gaming on the Call of Duty games is that you work your way up the ranks and open new weapons as you go. To me that is the point of the game. When you hit rank 70 you can do prestige and start all over again to let everyone know just how damned good you are. With weapon tasks and unlocks to make each weapon or perk just that bit better it makes the entire game and the drive to get to level 70 and open all the weapons all part of the fun of playing it, until cheats come in that is.


You know who you are and basically it just means your rubbish at the game. You use cheats to open up weapons, to run faster than anyone, to shoot through walls to a degree that should not be possible, to send in air strikes when you haven’t even killed enough people to do so and the list goes on. Is this a bit of a rant YES because you are spoiling the game. Because of this, despite loving the game I and many others either only play private matches or have moved to other games for online gaming. It is a pity as it is such a good game. Playstation need to do something about this and lets hope they hear the call. Problem is they probably won’t.


Rant over. Until next time :)

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