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The face of the web is changing. Google keeps changing the rules and quite frankly whats new when haven’t they, they say it is all for improving things for the consumers but now it is actually more focused on them making more and more money by bluring the distinction between the paid or adds and the natural rankings.

And don’t get me started on the withholding of data in analytics that’s just low man.

But why do we allow Google to have such a stronghold on our web marketing plans. Why do we still think that we have to abide by their rules? Rules I might add that they make you feel like are laws when quite frankly they are not.

AOL quite famously made the mistake of thinking that there was no future in search engines and so rented that facility to Google. Big mistake.

But is Google also resting too much on its laurels up on it perch as the internet king?

Now it would be quite obvious if I just started at this point talking about FaceBook and how that is changing the face of online marketing faster and more diversely than anything else. Especially with all their investment in a rival to Google in their own form of facebook search based on user preferences and likes, the worry for users with this of course being how much of their information is being used and who by.
If you have used facebook of late you will no doubt have been bombarded by adverts or pages to like or suggested pages and a constant update on what your friends have like or shared and the latest fads are gone of the walls and replaced by others before you have even had chance to read them or take in what they are going on about. Don’t get me wrong I am not ranting about this because I run a rival social network www.insomnialife.com I know it is not a facebook and will never be as big, I think there is plenty of room for both and many more.

My point is that facebook and Google have lost their way in as much as that now they are nothing more than cash cows looking to get as much out of you an me on behalf of their share holders and because of that they may have lost some of their focus and TRUE innovation.

So when I say that the face of the web is changing I am not talking about Google or Facebook, no doubt they are here to stay, what I am talking about is the fact that you need to consider your web marketing strategy differently and not with your pure focus on either one or both of these.

Yes have them both as part of your strategy but gone are the days where you should make either one the soul focus. The web and how we interact with it is changing and fast. When the web and programming / computing first started it was a garage industry. Which literally means it was young men and women / boys and girls in garages and bed rooms creating it, then it got all big business and they were all taken in house in Google, Microsoft and Facebook to name a few.

But now with the world of apps it brings in an entirely new culture that has gone back into a garage industry with just one or two people creating apps games and so many new ideas that the likes of Google and Facebook cant compete.

These developers only need computers an idea and the right design and programming skills and they can become overnight successes and some of these ideas will become the new facebook the new google.

So when considering your web marketing strategy remember people interact with technology in so many different ways today that you have to think outside the box and you have to think how could you be a game changer. Don’t be pressured into thinking that Google or facebook are king cos their not, but you can use them to your advantage if you use some clever tools and apps that make your marketing so much easier.

The one thing to remember is that the web surfer is king get the experience right, engage their interest and then everything else will fall into place.

Got an idea for the next social network or app? Need a developer, design and marketing company to get it off the ground? Then contact us today, this is our thing baby.

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