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If you are in the online business you should know that a website should be more than just a store front for your company, it should be an eBusiness in its own right. But what does running an eBusiness entail? What are the facets that should be present to make it more successful?


Of course a major facet of any eBusiness is SEO as any online business without traffic to convert to customers is pointless. So an integrated SEO strategy is an essential part of any internet business.


But if when you get the visitors there they don’t convert, you can’t track their behaviour and where they came from and indeed offer additional offers through direct and personalised marketing to them then you won’t be operating to your full potential. On top of this if you do not have an eCommerce/eShop facility you will lose a lot the possible impulse buyers or surfers that find your website by chance.


Your eBusiness needs to be backed by an integrated eCRM system that tracks (that’s an electronic Customer Relation Management system) to keep track of customers, their orders and details for future marketing opportunity. It is estimated that returning customers are 70% more profitable to your business than new customers. With this in mind if you have no way of keeping track of customer details and market to them you could be losing out on those more profitable customers.


Of course it is all well and good having a CRM system but unless you make sure you use it properly and get back to customer quickly (within 24 hours of an email request for a call back is too long) it is a wasted tool. Indeed websites where there is no response or a delayed response will lose out to those that either have instant messenger facility or that give an instance response (and not just an automated instant response). Call back facilities are excellent only if you call back at the time specified. Also when it comes to calling back you need staff with customer service and telemarketing skills to make the most of those call backs.   


The first part of setting out your internet strategy is setting out your USPs – that is your Unique Selling Points or in the internet world this are often referred to as IVP – your Internet Value Proposition – what you offer that no one else does, why should they come to you instead of anywhere else. It might be unique products but more often than not it is down to price, customer’s service, online experience or sense of community to name just a few. Try and view this from the customer’s point of view.


So facets to make sure you have in place:


·         USP or IVP for eBusiness focus

·         Customer targeted SEO and SEM strategy in place

·         Website/eShop with eCommerce facility – integrated with back office delivery, accounting and warehouse system and CRM

·         Web analytics to track customers and marketing activity that is and isn’t working

·         eCRM system for better customer relations - quick response times with customers service and sales staff trained at going the extra mile for the customer


With these facilities in place you will help deliver a better customer experience and increase your revenue by encouraging customers to return again and again.


This is not meant to be a full intensive list for you to follow but rather a brief guide as to the aspects you need to think about. For further advice and guidance contact us direct.

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