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The world of online marketing has always since the first dial modem been clouded in mystery for most. With terms and words thrown around like rice at an 80 year olds 9th wedding this year. So many times have I heard it described as a “black art” and its all “smokes and mirrors” by those that quite frankly haven’t got a clue what they are talking about. But then can you really blame them when it is so damned confusing with all the jargon thrown around.

@insomniamarketing.com we are aiming to, as best we can, change all that and bring you free advice articles and videos on everything digital marketing. Why are we doing this? Well because we are geeks, nerds with passion about the subject. We no longer even offer our services out because we are so busy on our own projects that we just do not have time. The interesting thing about running your own digital marketing campaign for a former SEO guy like me is that you get to test all the cool stuff out that you might not have the balls to with your client’s time and money. Yes occasionally we might hit some pit falls, but as long as we get that old 80/20 rule the right way round we will be OK.

So the shape of this website is changing. We are still a Shropshire based digital marketing agency in the heart of Telford. But now we are very much focused on our own brands and products that we are promoting and making money out of these without the need of pesky customers (no offense).

The fun part is there are no boundaries to what we can do and what we can experiment with. So in the background we are playing, testing, writing code, developing apps and seeing what does and doesn’t work. We will over time be posting on here what we find and recommend and all that. But for now I just wanted to say Hi…. We are still around…….




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