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How to Increase Contact Information with a Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is used to coax people into providing their email address and other information so that email campaigns can be sent once or twice a year in order to increase business online. Many people will not sign up on a web site unless they are getting something in return. An ebook, newsletter, or discounts on items found on the web page are all used in order to extract mailing information from visitors. Once a person signs up on the web site, they can unsubscribe at any time. This is fair practice when it comes to email sign up sheets. A squeeze page will tell new visitors why it would be in their best interest to sign up on the web page.

Creating a squeeze page is not difficult. Explain how an ebook or newsletter will benefit a person and chances are they will sign-up. By promoting a business carefully and not offending people by sending too many advertisements to their inboxes, people will return to the site often to see what is new. They will also read newsletters that are filled with useful information. A squeeze page should be compelling and informative information that is also persuasive. Getting people to sign up is the ultimate goal of any page.

Update a squeeze page as often as possible to get new customers to sign up. Offer new ebooks and other items that will be beneficial as soon as they are completed. This is one way to increase traffic to one’s web site and also to keep people signing up. Use this contact list when new merchandise is introduced, products go on sale, or when there will be items that will be discontinued. A squeeze page will help keep a business strong by reaching out to new customers every day.

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