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Security warnings against using Microsoft Internet Explorer

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Security warnings against using Microsoft Internet Explorer


Security warnings against using Microsoft Internet Explorer are out at the moment. Switching browser to firefox or Google Chrome is advised for now. Hackers can use links to websites from emails sent to you to track what you do on your computer and to copy all your passwords and bank details.


Simple precautions:


·         Switch browsers from Microsoft Internet Explorer to either Google Chrome or Firefox (I find Chrome easier to use) if you need help with this just ask

·         Do not click on any links sent to you via email, copy and paste them to your new browser (if you have any doubts about links forward them to me and I will track where they are really taking you)

·         If you are going to make purchases over the internet make them using a Google Chrome or Firefox browser and don’t purchase anything from clicking a link in an email; instead visit the website direct using he secure browsers


Security experts are warning against all use of Microsoft Internet Explorer which as 7 out of 10 web surfers use it could be quite a headache for Microsoft. I am sure they will fix it shortly but in the meantime and at this time of year it is better to play safe than be sorry.


This would be an ideal time to check out Google Chrome, which from earlier articles you may remember is going to change the face of SEO for the future if it catches on.


A full review of Google Chrome coming soon.

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