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How do you increase sales into process & packaging industries?

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Lead generation and marketing in the manufacturing, production, process and packaging industries is a very specialist niche area. How do you create more business within these industries? This article looks at this in more details.


If you are a company that sell production line and manufacturing technology into the food, pharma, automotive, aerospace or any other manufacturing or production line industry you will know that getting your product in front of the industry decision makers and indeed the industry persuaders (such as production and engineering managers) is incredibly hard.


After all production managers and engineering managers of very busy production and manufacturing sites are very busy people. They spend a lot of their time on the shop floor making sure that everything is going according to plan and is working properly. They also tend to work very hard so they are unlikely to be sat at home reading “The Production Line Weekly Gazette” or any other magazine you might think to advertise in.


So how do you get your products and latest technology in front of the persuaders and decision makers within the manufacturing industries. Email marketing may work but as they are so busy they are more likely to delete any unwanted or unrecognised emails and as for online marketing well again they probably won’t get much time to search the net. That said making sure your company comes up first for your relevant industry or technology terms certainly won’t do you any harm.


Consider Telemarketing


Telemarketing gets your products in the minds of and in front of the key persuaders and decision makers within any industry. It cuts out any high advertising costs that your target audience might see and gets straight to the heart of the matter making sure that your marketing effort is as targeted as it possibly can be.


CBSL have specialist knowledge and experience in working in the process & packaging industry driving sales leads for companies operating in these sectors, getting the attention of the decision makers and getting field sales teams face to face appointments to talk to these decision makers. CBSLhave a large database of contacts within the food, pharmaceutical, plastics, automotive and aerospace manufacturing, process, production and packaging industries that they  maintain and market to on a daily basis.


The decision maker contacts as well as the ability to get to grips with production line technology means that they are well placed to act as an outsourced telemarketing and direct marketing company for businesses that are selling into these markets.


All businesses need new sales to survive and although for some these can come from their existing clients for most this is not the case. The problem can often be how do you find those new customers? In addition, how do you get your products and sales people in front of the decision makers?


A lot of money is spent each year on marketing in many forms but the problem is that most companies know that part of their marketing spend is working for them but they are not sure which part. This is why at CBSL they talk to companies about the importance of being able to track their return on investment. PR and brand awareness are all fine and good if you are Coca Cola but if you are a much smaller company than they are, and let’s face it most are, then whatever marketing you are doing you need to know that it is bringing in actual sales.


Strategic Integrated Direct Marketing with Measurable ROI


These words are the words that CBSL approach every marketing project with on behalf of their clients. Everything they and their strategic partners do for their clients is focused on measuring return on investment.


Their core services in sales lead generation together with our data cleaning, market research, telemarketing, email marketing and online marketing services are all put together with systems that track the return their clients will be getting. Most importantly, these systems and techniques work to actually bring in real sales and more business.


So if you are looking to generate more sales and leads with in the manufacturing, process and packaging industries give CBSL a call today on 01743 249992.


For more info visit www.cbslgroup.com/marketing-solutions/telemarketing.


Resource www.cbslgroup.com/marketing-solutions/telemarketing/specialist-telemarketing

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