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Search marketing more than just SEO

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For fully integrated and optimal search engine marketing you need to think of more than just search engine optimisation. Whilst SEO should be 50%-75% of what you are doing you also need to consider other options of getting your website noticed by both the customer and the search engine spiders.


A properly planned out search engine optimisation campaign is well budgeted and works to strategy. Part of your search engine marketing campaign should be budgeted for pay per click advertising. For maximum coverage, especially for search terms where you SEO is not performing pay per click helps you get maximum brand exposure and maximise click through rates.


Spiders look for adverts


Although not a primary source for search engine spiders to find links pay per click and other online advertising help search spiders to find links and crawl websites.


For those not in the know search spiders or the software that searches through all the websites in the internet does so through crawling through websites using the links between sites on the web pages. Quite often the large search engine spiders will use the adverts found on website or the pay per click and banner adverts found on search engines to find new websites to crawl.


Pay per click great for new websites


We all know, or should do, that for new websites and older pay per click can be a great way of getting your website on the first page of the search engines for your desired keywords. It can get you notice and as long as you get the right cost per click you can see great return on investment. So much so that we advise our clients to think of pay per click as a tool to use along with SEO for promotions and special offers or even just for brand awareness.


But on top of this pay per click has another benefit. Apart from getting your website noticed by the customers it also helps get your website noticed by the search engine spiders and if you have a new website it helps avoid the sandbox effect giving you quicker listing and rankings.


Advertise on other sites


Although not directly advertising on the search engines advertising on other websites should be considered as part of your search engine marketing campaign. If you are advertising on websites with a higher page rank this will help with your search rankings, a very simple and easy way of doing this is by using Google Adwords to display your ad on contents sites.


If you add into your campaign an affliation campaign you will find that your affiliates will do a lot of your SEO and search marketing for you. You need to be careful here that they do not do you any damage because some of the best affiliates are exclent SEO experts. You will need to give rules and guideline as to what search terms they are not to use if they want to be your affiliate so that they do not damage your rankings but apart from this affiliates can help increase your own natural rankings as well as brand awareness and sales revenue.



So try and think outside of just SEO. Our ratio is 75% SEO - 25% other search marketing activities and although this may vary from company to company if you notice all the big companies do not use SEO alone because they are aware of the need for full search marketing coverage.



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