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Ok let’s get sticky. In the world of e-Marketing there is a term called “sticky content” but what does it mean for you and your website?


Sticky content is basically content that means the customer/visitors sticks to your website. Or in other words the content, website or experience is so good that the visitors return again and again to view your content.


For this you need to review your unique sell. What makes you different from all the other websites out there offering similar info, products or services? Is the content itself unique? Do you have daily or weekly updates?  Are you a leading supplier in your field or a expert or authority in your area of business?


Daily blogs and updates, user forums, customer comment areas all give regular content and give a sense of community that will allow others to feel part of your web experience giving them the sort of interactive content they enjoy.


Think about the fastest growing online sites today; Facebook, Myspace, YouTube etc. They all have something in common they give the user and experience that they are a part of something. You don’t need to build your own social network but think about the user experience from their point of view and try to improve it.


Even run a market research campaign on your website asking how you can improve it offering incentives for customer feedback. 

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