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Website Marketing Basics - Keyword analysis

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What is keyword analysis and why is it important?

Well, quite simply it’s the analysis or keywords, well duh. But seriously if you remember in the first chapter we talked about keywords or phrases, which are the words an internet surfer uses when looking for a product, service or website in a search engine.

They type these keywords or phrases into the search box of the search engine, and the search engine spiders then crawl through their database and list all relevant websites in the most relevant order.


Keyword analysis can break down into two areas of concern for you the would-be internet marketer.  

  1. An analysis of the keywords or phrases that your potential customers may type in to find a website like yours.
  2. An analysis of the keywords on your website and in the back end of your site to see how they relate to the keywords your potential customers will use.

Understanding this process and getting it right can be crucial to your website success. 

The first step in this is a simple research strategy whereby you look at the competition and the keywords that they are using or that they come up under and start making yourself a list.

There are keyword suggestion tools out on the web that can be quite useful in finding keywords to use. As well as keyword popularity tools that will tell you the most popular keywords used and the average search volumes there are for these each month.

Knowing what the most popular search terms and words are will tell you where you should be aiming your keywords. If your market is a particularly vibrant and competitive market then you may look at the less obvious keywords or misspelled versions of those keywords that the bigger players may not have thought of to gain a market edge. Remember the internet is a fast-paced environment where the searcher does not always have time or worry about the correct spelling or search term.

If you are going to use a term that is less obvious try and think out the box slightly, maybe you will use slang terms or specialist terms so that you stand out. Try and look out for where the competition has missed a trick.

Another good trick is to look at getting regional coverage first and national and international coverage second. By making your keyword phrases geographical you may find that you become the biggest player in your given area and you may leap frog some of the more established companies in the area.

There are no wrong or right keywords there are only keywords that relate to you. Try to keep the keywords related to your product or service if your site comes up under a search term that has nothing to do with what you have to offer the user will leave quicker than they arrived.

Keyword analysis is also a very important part of your adwords or pay per click campaigns so bare this in mind when preparing a campaign. You can find very useful tools that will give you an idea of good and strong keywords to use both in your advertising and on your website. In Google Adwords this tool is simply called the keyword tools.


Website Marketing Basics - Keyword analysis - advice by SEO, Digital & Behavioural Marketing Analyst Sam O'Prey from Telford, Shropshire, West Midlands UK helping charities, not for profits, social enterprises and activists to get their message noticed

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