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Website marketing basics - Website Analytics

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You will hear a lot about the website and digital marketing analytics, so it’s worth your time to get to understand, at this level, the basics.

Analytics is simply the use of software analysis tools to analyse, gain an understanding and insight, manage and optimise your website and digital marketing performance. Behavioural marketing analytics gives you insights into how your marketing and website is performing and your customer's experience in interacting with this mediums.

With phrases like “big data” and articles telling you that you need to be or to employ a “data scientist” to maximise on your digital marketing and website analytics, this subject can be quite daunting to people just getting started.

It is a vital topic for you to understand and get used to.

For the sake of small to medium size business, charities, not for profits and social enterprises worrying about “big data” and whether or not you need a “data scientist” is pointless. Maybe when and if your organisation grows you can consider these topics but for now it’s best to keep things simple.

google analytics 1

One of the best and simplest tools to use is Google Analytics. There are others of course but Google Analytics is relatively easy to setup and use, there are lots of Google tutorials and videos to help you and more important you can get the basic version for free.Don’t be put off by that either as the basic level is more than enough for most enterprises and although I am calling it basic, it is actually very advanced, and the data from it can be overwhelming to those new to it.

As I mention, there are lots of tools and videos from Google which will show you how to setup and use the analytics tools and as they update and change it so often. The best advice I can offer is go to Google type in the phrase Google Analytics, setup and account and start watching the videos, the tutorials and reading the lessons. Google has a fantastic array of knowledge that it shares on its tools for its users, far more than you may need. They regularly update things to which I why I do not post tutorials or step through guides myself but rather point people in the direction they need to go.  

The main advice about Google Analytics or other digital marketing analytics tools I can provide at this level is to define your goals. Set up 3 to 5 KPI’s or business goals max and monitor these.

google analytics 4

Within Google Analytics, and most analytics tools, you can then set up personalised dashboards (like the one above) around these goals and KPI’s. Then instead of deep diving into confusing data analytics you can focus on the three to five areas you want to make improvements on and track are or aren’t working for you.  

google analytics 2

Tip: In Google Analytics you will also find a small academic hat next to the section you are working on (highlighted above). If you click this it will open up a tutorial video and links to enable you to learn more about how to use that section.

google analytics 3


Website marketing basics - Website Analytics is basic free advice by SEO linguist, Digital & Behavioural Marketing Analyst: Sam O'Prey from Telford, Shropshire, West Midlands UK specialist in helping charities, not for profits, social enterprises, SME's and activists to get their message noticed

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