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Can Telemarketing Help an E-business?


The simple and short answer is yes and eMarketing can help a telemarketing campaign. Before the internet became as big as it is today and gave everybody more choice and freedom telemarketing was the form of marketing with the greatest return on investment, although most marketing professionals did not like to admit it.


Simply put you could see how many calls it took to close a sale and therefore easily track how successful it was and the return it was bringing you. Unfortunately telemarketing also got a bad rap from pushy sales people tricking people into things they didn’t want and of course conmen ticking little old ladies out of their savings.


Because of the emergence of the internet as a pull medium where the customer comes to you, telemarketing has been shelved by many companies as “not for them”. But put together with permission based marketing telemarketing or telesales teams can bring in massive return on investments.


In the B2B market they can be used to clean data for email marketing and lead generation, follow up call back requests that come through the website and where people have agreed to follow up marketing or filled out a survey online telemarketers can be used to follow up to close sales that wouldn’t normally happen and make offers a computer program can’t.


Having a telemarketing or call centre hotline for your website will give you greater chance of closing sales that would leave if they do not like purchasing over the internet or are undecided.

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