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SEO Advisor adds a pay per lead service

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We are so confident in our eMarketing ability that we can offer a pay per lead service. Whether in business to business or business to consumer we can generate leads for your sales team to follow up. Simply contact us with the details of your business and the type of leads you are looking for and we will send you a quote for how much each lead will cost.


It’s better than paying without results or even pay per click. Get targeted sales leads to your inbox as and when they happen.


How does the Pay Per Lead work?


Simple you contact us with your lead requirements. We get back to you with a price per lead. You then deposit and agreed amount to cover the first 5-10 leads, when your balance is running low we contact you for a further deposit. If you wish to withdraw what money you have left in your lead account, apart from a small handling fee from the payment company and all leads already purchased, we return all of the remaining balance to you.


You are in control and there are no lengthy contracts to agree to. Simple pay as you go lead generation service.

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