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Consider Creative Copywriting

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Hopefully we all know the importance of keywords in our SEO. We know that a keyword focus campaign can mean higher rankings and therefore more hits on your website. But does the copy suffer because of it.


This is where balance comes in; SEO results over user experiences and sales. It is all well and good getting a person to your website because it is ranked number one in the world but if they leave as soon as they arrive the entire effort has been wasted.


So consider your web pages, what is it that you are trying to achieve?


If you are trying to sell does the copy of the website engage you and retain your interest? Would it convince you to buy?


Creative copywriters can write engaging and attractive copy that convinces consumers to make a purchase. With creative copywriters that are SEO focused and trained like www.seo-advisor.org.ukyou can engage you prospects as well as attract them to your website.


When thinking Keywords think = keywords that attract search engines and people, as well as powerful keywords that sell.

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