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Ignore the internet at your peril

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It still surprises me today when I hear companies, or should I say company owners, say “the internet is not more our company”. This nonsense is frustrating but maybe those of us who are focusing on the internet as a tool for our business should see this as a positive, as for every other competitor that says they are not on the internet that means one less online competitor for us.


Simply put the internet cannot be ignored today. Whether you sell direct online or not the internet is an important part of your business. Whether it acts as a online brochure, data capture site or promotional tool it is still important to put the effort in to get it right.


If you have no web presence customers may be put off from using your services. As the number 1 research tool used by consumers and business users today the internet is used to check out a potential company as well as research or buy products. If you can’t be found you may raise enough doubt in the mind of the prospective customer to put them off buying or using you.


So ignoring the internet could mean ignoring your potential customers, But by properly focusing you website to be a tool that makes you money and brings you more customers you will be tapping into an extra revenue stream for your business.

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