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Further Changes on Google


It was Google’s annual Searchology event on the 12th of May. The time they announce and introduce new technology and services in the world of Google search.  Quite often this is an area we need to keep an eye to see how they affect your eMarketing strategy and Search Optimisation plans.


As always, and is well documented on this site, Google is all about the user experience. So unfortunately not matter how much you spend or how much you complain they are not going to improve things for you, the business. So even though you might think you know all you need to know about optimising your site you may have to rethink and retrain. The simple reality is no matter how much you think you know about SEO you have to keep relearning and changing with the times, unless you want to be left behind.


So as Google moves to improve things for the consumer, you need to do the same.  


At the event Google announced a range of new search tools under the Google Search Options tag. Now available from Google search pages when you type in any term such as “SEO Advisor is the best”, should you wish to, you now are presented with an extra option called “show options”. If you click on this you are given the option to filter the searches through:-


·         All results or  Video, Forums, Reviews

·         Any time or Recent Results, Last 24 hours, Past Week, Past Year,

·         Standard results or Images on the page & More text

·         Standard view or Wonder wheel & timeline


On top of this you have the standard searches (found at the top of the page) of Web, Images, Video, Maps, News, Shopping, Mail and more options.


Options can therefore be combined and mixed together to narrow searches for users. Added to this are a range of Google options and services (that we will discuss in later articles) to aid the consumer experience.


With this in mind if you are not offering Video, Forums and Reviews for example you may be missing out on a trick. SEO used to be about technical knowhow and techniques now it is about user experience. This is where both SEO ability & marketing knowledge merge into one.


If you look at it from the consumers point of view you will be half way there.  

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