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3 SEO Golden Rules

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3 Golden Rules for Search Engine Optimisation

As things change in the world of search engine optimisation on a daily basis it can get very confusing and hard to know what to do and not to do. In fact you can read 9 or 10 different articles on the net telling you conflicting information on SEO. As such for the novice or company owner looking to do some SEO for themselves this can be very draining and they can spend more time reading articles than actually doing the SEO work for their website.

Because of this we have listed below the 3 golden rules to SEO. Even as things change in the world of search engines and therefore by extension the search engine optimisation techniques we need to make sure we stay focused. There are 3 golden rules to SEO that have been around for awhile and that look like they are going to stay for awhile. Keep doing these 3 and you have a good chance of staying on top or getting towards the top for your keywords and search terms.

Ok the 3 golden rules are:-

  1. Fully optimise your website – from content to navigation to back end coding.
  2. Link, Link and Link again – get as many links to your website as possible.
  3. Keep your content fresh – keeping your content fresh through article and blog writing keeps you relevant and search engine friendly.  Optimise these articles for maximum effect.

Quite simple and probably not anything new to anyone that has done some or at least read about SEO in the past but these are 3 simple rules that if you apply and keep up should get you the rankings you are after.

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