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Marketing is Applied Psychology

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Everyday we are exposed to applied psychology from the adverts we see on the TV, online and in the street all the way through to the sales people we meet and the way that the supermarket is set out to encourage you to buy more.


Online marketers are becoming more and more sophisticated in the way they track and change their marketing to deliver exactly what the consumer is looking for. Think about how every time you go on Amazon you are presented with a wealth of other products that not only relate to the product you are looking at but also your previous searches and your demographic. Online marketers are also closer to the customers than they have ever been through web analytics.


By using subtle psychology and persuasive language marketers control not only the direction that your conversation or search navigation heads but also where you end up in the “buying cycle” using clever techniques they and psychological and emotional triggers they engage you to buy their product.


Every time you plan to by one product, say a stereo, and end up with the more expensive luxury version you have gone through a psychological and emotional journey to get there. Someone or something (advertising, case studies etc) has triggered that emotional or psychological reaction that has convinced you to buy.  

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