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Penguin Update: What does that mean for your SEO strategy?

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Hi, it’s been awhile as I have been away saving the world with SEO. But now I am back to help small businesses around Telford, Shropshire and theWest Midlandsget their SEO strategy right.

So what is all this stuff and nonsense about the Penguin Update?

If you do not know what it is it’s another algorithm update by our friends at Google. This is a shift in the ruling factors that decide whether or not your website out ranks your competition.

As with the Panda update the Penguin update has had major effects on lots of businesses around the globe. Some of those businesses that are web only have seen their traffic and therefore their income fall over night. Some by as much as £20k a week.

@ Insomnia Marketing we have long said that Google, despite what people say, is all about good quality content for its searches. It always has been and it has always had a constant battle against people, web spammers that have tried to cheat the system.

With this in mind make sure your website is SEO friendly by delivering good content to your audience. Quality is king. As it has been for years now. But now it is even more so.

Good quality content, link baiting, SEO and Social Media strategy all come in to play in today’s market.

Over forthcoming articles we will look at the latest update and what it means to you and your site. What it means to you SEO strategy.  

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