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The New Playstation 3

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The New Playstation 3


The new sexy slim line Playstation 3 is out. It is lighter in weight, better looking and has a bigger hard drive, 120 GB, than the earlier models. The only negative thing that current Playstation 3 owners can say about it is that they do not like the look of it, but then they would say that because to be fair they paid more money than the new Playstation 3 owners did and got less for their money. That is bound to pee anyone off.


However, as gaming consoles go the new Playstation 3 has all the bells and whistles. It is a fantastic machine with all the capabilities of the earlier models and a few new features to boot. If you do not already have a Playstation 3 then this is the model to get. If you already have one then it is probably not worth buying the newer model unless you are made of money or you start having problems with your current model.


The new Playstation 3 gets a 5star rating from the-IT-Crowd.co.uk.


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