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Save Hand Written Notes on Your Computer

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Save Hand Written Notes on Your Computer


Epens Mobile Notes Digital Pen, now available at www.the-IT-crowd.co.uk, can take your hand written notes off the paper and into your Microsoft applications such as Word or Outlook.


This fantastic bit of kit can save you hours typing up notes that you hand wrote in meetings or on the move. When it is connected up to your PC or Laptop the pen also has mouse capeabilities with the Digital Inking and Tablet PC functions included within Microsoft Vista.


When it is in pen mode you can capture your notes remotely when you are away from your PC.


Once the notes have been captured you can edit them as you would in any word document.


Mouse mode turns the digital pen into a mouse with hovering and 2 button functionality. In mouse mode you can write directly into Windows Journal, and other Tablet PC applications such as Microsoft OneNote, MSN Messenger and Microsoft Outlook. Mouse mode speeds up the whole process of capturing notes by switching effortlessly between pen and mouse mode. With MS Vista there's the extra feature of the ‘digital ink handwriting software’ feature where you can handwrite directly onto office applications like Microsoft Word and Windows Journal. You can also write notes over slides whilst presenting with MS PowerPoint and save or delete them as required.

  • Remotely captures handwritten notes and diagrams
  • Upload, save and convert handwritten notes to typed text
  • Use pen as a mouse/stylus
  • Converted text is fully editable thanks to the FREE full MyScript software included
  • Learns your handwriting using MyScript
  • Use with ordinary paper and ink
  • Stores 50 full pages of A4 text
  • Save notes in the Note Manager software
  • Backup your notes to CD or DVD
  • Recycle your used paper
  • Converts in 15 languages
  • Windows XP™ & Vista™ compatible

    At just £79 from www.the-IT-crowd.co.uk








now just £69

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