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To tweet or not to tweet that is the question

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There was a lot of hype about twitter when it first launched but does it really have any benefit to your business? And does it help with your marketing?


After all, it would be a very expensive mistake to pay a member of staff to sit there for hours each day twittering away if it was of no benefit. But does it work?


Well the simple answer is yes but it depends how you use it. Celebs use it to talk about themselves but if you think about it this just ads to the awareness of their brand and keeping them in the public eye.


However, what if you have a business that is not very well known is there any use in having people following you on twitter when they are not even in your target audience?


Like everything, Twitter should be done in moderation but there is a real benefit. You can search and find other local businesses or people locally that are on twitter and ask to follow them, if they in turn follow you, you can then tweet or market to them, and possibly build a relationship with them.


Yes they may wish to sell to you as you to them but there is also the extension of their network and the added benefit of they may need what you have to offer and vice versa, after all that is the way business has been since year dot.


You could also add your twitter updates to your website (as we have done below) and this means that every time you update your twitter you also update something on your website. Therefore, if new and existing customers view your site you can give them quick fresh offers and updates about the company any deals etc.


There is very little point to having someone sit there and tweet all day but as part of a wider social marketing strategy, this could really work for you.   

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