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This blogs aims are to provide you with advice on all things SEO, eMarketing and running an eBusiness as well as keep you up to date on the latest industry news.

Either you would like to leave a comment or feedback that would be great. We do not claim to be the one size fits all organisation so all reasonable view points will be shown for healthy debate and discussion.

Search Engine Optimisation is not an easy task, if it was then everyone would be at the top of Google and quite frankly that will always be impossible. The great thing about Google is that it is a democratic site where relevance is the most important factor and not just making money, although they do make shed loads of it.

We will also look at how social sites are affecting internet marketing together with mobile phone marketing and the future of endless possibilities.

All Blog Articles,  SEO and Digital Marketing Advice from SEO Engineer and Digital Marketing Analyst;  Sam O'Prey from Telford, Shropshire, UK  

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