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Algorithm shifts

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Algorithm shifts


We will at some point get back to the subject of what SEO is for those new to the subject at a later date, but for now we are looking to get as much up to date info on this site ASAP.


We will give away a few secrets, why? Simply because this information is out there in the public domain anyway for those looking hard but also we want to start a healthy online debate area for all things SEO, where anyone can ask a question and anyone with the knowledge can give their opinion.


The aim is to help drive the SEO debate, technology and knowledge base. Soon we will set up the SEO social network to provide a more interactive community where people can start their own discussions and so on, if this is something you would like us to work on ASAP then let us know as we are a customer led organization.


Anyway back to Algorithm shifts:


What are they? Simple answer is the bane of any SEO analyst’s life. Google loves to shift them to continually keep us on our toes.


Simply put Algorithms are the rules or tick boxes that the search engine spiders use to rank on site against another for any define search term; or when you type in the keywords to the search box of Google they are the criteria check list for the search engine spider to decide which website ranks the highest.


Algorithm shifts are when Google or other search engines shift or move the rules to stop unscrupulous internet marketing companies from spamming the system. Google keeps its algorithms close to its chest, although we do have a source for the top 150 rules (there are said to be over 250).


Just a couple of weeks ago you may have noticed a major algorithm shift as websites that once held high positions disappeared or changed ranking positions. You can think of this as Google cleaning house, getting rid of the spamming sites, unfortunately what tends to happen also is genuine non spamming sites can also suffer, most hopefully just for a short time period.


Learning what the new algorithms are can be partly down to reverse engineering the sites that are now ranking high and seeing what they are doing that you are not as well as monitoring some knowledgeable websites.


If you have noticed any shifts or have some details you wish to share on this then please let us know, help to spread the word.


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