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Google Search is Changing

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Google, ever looking to improve the user experience, is helping people to improve the quality of their search.

With the launch of Google Chrome the way we search the internet and the user experience is changing. That’s not to say it is the only answer as Microsoft and others too are looking to get and keep hold of the market and all are fighting to improve user experience, blurring the line between search engines and desktop applications.

What does all this mean for SEO? Well quite simply it is exciting and sometimes frustrating times. The real answer for everyone involved in SEO is that it is no longer enough to just use technology, techniques and tricks of the trade to get your website to the top of Google.

Google notoriously keeps SEO consultants on their feet by continually changing the algorithms and the rules of the game. You could, and to a degree still should, keep your eye on the ever changing and shifting sands of the internet search engines to try and stay ahead of the competition.  But SEO experts need to take a step outside the box.

Take yourself out of the frame of link strategies and aggressive Search Engine Optimization campaigns and move towards the customer, the end user. Don’t be blinded by simply getting to the top of the search engines, think of the user experience and try to think like Google, how can I improve the user experience?

This is why SEO ability is not the only skill needed; Search Engine Optimisation is an integrated part of any eMarketing campaign and should not be the only element of the campaign. 

Google is improving the user experience to a degree that the user decides what’s important, not Google and certainly not the SEO guy, allowing the use to add and remove search ranks that the user decides are not important.

So you need to think like the user and then optimise your site so that they will want you included in their search results, make yourself important to the user right from the word go and remain in their listings, annoy them and risk being removed from their searches. The good thing is that it is becoming harder and harder for those spammers that annoy all of us and should improve the results for all of us.

Google Chrome is putting the searcher in control.

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