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Google Changes to Search Results

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Have you noticed any changes in the way search results are being displayed? Well if you are logged into your Google account you definitely will.

Whenever you search whilst log into your account you will now notice that next to the natural search rankings there are and arrow pointing up, an “x” and a speech bubble.

These are there to help the searcher improve the results that they see.  The user can do this by using the upwards arrow to promote the site upwards in the results, using the “x” button to remove the result completely and the speech bubble so make a comment about the website.

So far Google have said that they are not using the upwards or “x” button to change the search results for all users just the user that has selected to remove or promote a site, this is to improve the personal experience.  So at the moment people will not be able to promote themselves or remove you from other peoples searches as changes only affect their personal search results.

But Google being Google will not doubt store and keep the data for further use and no doubt, and this is just an opinion at this stage, if enough people click on the remove button for a search result then Google will probably consider removing a site that the majority of searchers find of no use to the keywords or phrase.

So in SEO terms the simple answer is make your website relevant to the search results.

The other important factor for eMarketing and SEO is the speech bubble where users can added comments about the site to aid other searchers. This area may be open to abuse but I am sure that if Google find this happening they will make the needed changes. Importantly though this allows users to very easily make a comment about the quality and user experience of your site, so for SEO consultants this means you need to be on the ball and make that experience work for the user.

So SEO guru’s out there it’s time to start thinking past just optimising websites for search engines but optimise them for users too.

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