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Ignore Social Networks at your peril

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Social Networks are the fastest growing phenomena for years. People want to talk to their friends and meet new people in a safe secure and fun environment online. FaceBook and MySpace are definitely the biggest names in these fields.

Unfortunately though many companies fail to see them as anything other than a place for their staff to waste valuable work time. Yes they can be addictive to some and yes they can impact on the work of staff if they are left to wonder around them at their own leisure without being monitored.  But social networks are changing the face of eMarketing.

Apart from the advertising capabilities which are fantastic with the target adverts based on the users profile, social networks are now being seen as a quick source of information by both human users and search engines. So if you want to get your message across quickly one of the best places to do it is in a social network. 

Search engines like Google are starting to include results for searches in the search engines that include links to social networking pages and entertainment sites such as YouTube.

Instead of ignoring the social networking potential for fear of staff wasting time setup a social networking group for your business as a place for staff and customers to socialise and talk about your company, as long as it is closely monitored this can be a great way to promote your business not only on the social network but also to the search engines

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