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Google Measure Overall Click Through and Bounce Rate

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The ever ingenious people at Google are keeping a watchful eye on the listings for your search terms. Yes it would be physically impossible for them to manually monitor all the billions of pages on their search engine but then Google wouldn’t be Google if it didn’t use very clever software to do this.

They are monitoring the Click Through Rate (CTR) and Bounce rate of websites that come up in the natural searches. Why you may ask? Well as ever with Google it’s about quality. Like it or not, from an SEO point of view, Google wants the user experience to be a good one and as the number one frustration for any surfer of the net is irrelevant pages and websites they will be ever  focused on removing this irritation or at least quelling it as much as possible.

So how does this affect you SEO’s out there?? Well all your hard work could be wasted if you get your website to the top of the search rankings only to find it starts slipping down again due to a poor click through rate of a high bounce rate.

There is one way to stop this and this goes back to think like a marketer not just an SEO, or even thinking like the user, what do they want to see?

Make your listing stand out for the right reasons, state your internet value proposition well and make the page the user lands on relevant to the searches. Sound obvious but all you need to do is a Google search now for anything and you’ll find an entire host of websites not doing it, but will you in 6 to 12 month time??

This may sound like a bit of a headache to some of you SEO guru’s and boffins out there but view it from this point of view: its and opportunity, a chance to make advancement on the competition who are making the mistakes. Analyse your market to see where the websites with the low click through rate and high bounce rate will be and target these keywords and searches with a high quality and relevant web page with extra sticky content.  

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