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Are you diluting your keywords?

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It’s a problem that all SEO’s face and this is quite often where the SEO and the marketing manager fall out (unless they are the same person). Keyword diluting has the obvious effect of making your website less relevant to the search engine spiders.

The problem very often doesn’t come from the keyword planning stages or the web design but from the business itself and quite often the marketers desire to gain the users attention about other areas of the business such as similar products.

The issue comes from the fact that search engine spiders use natural language processing and can only read what is given to them so if you send them mixed messages or if your pages keywords are diluted then you just will not rank on their radar. 

Here is where the problem lies; you have a web page that is promoting or selling “guitar pedals” so you optimise the page for this. Then the clever bods in the marketing department say hey this page is promoting guitar pedals let’s use it to promote electric guitars and guitar strings and herein comes the dilution.

By adding similar products or services, even including your company name dilutes the effect of SEO strategy for that page and thus makes the page less relevant to the search term used. Ok you may notice other sites doing the same thing and their website is ranked well in the search rankings but here you need to consider other aspects such as link popularity and so on.

The entire page needs to be optimised and focus on that one search term otherwise the effect can be damaging to your rankings. Each page for each product needs to drive search engines and indeed customers to that webpage. This will also help conversion rates due to the fact that it will be more targeted to what the customer is looking for


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