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Losing your search engine rankings?

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Losing your search engine placement rankings??

Lots of webmasters and SEO’s are asking us “why are we losing rankings?”

Just recently Google is appearing to shift algorithms as and when they feel like it. This together with other factors has been causing and major headache for many of you out there.

There are many factors that can result in a drop or loss of ranking including; devaluation of links to your site, Google has had an algorithm shift, completion has become more aggressive in its SEO, your site structure or certain pages of your site where not there (were down) last time the spiders searched your site or your website has been blocked or banned by the relevant search engine.

If your links to your site are devalued by Google; that is the links back to your site have been deemed by Google as of low quality (not relevant etc) or from link farms and so those that once helped you to rank higher now actually are either ignored or are damaging to your status.

Algorithm shifts we have been through before but simply put what was once important to the spiders becomes less important and focus changes to improve user search and stop spamming.

Competition is always out there and every competing webpage, not just business, for your search term should be considered as competition, though some could become partners and therefore you need to reverse engineer what they are doing to find out where your weaknesses are and make a gain on them.

If your site is not structured properly or even worse if pages are missing when the spiders search the website then you will lose rankings for those missing pages and the keywords they are optimised for because the search engines will view them as no longer existing.

If you get banned it is usually because your site has been seen to be spamming the search engine. If this is the case then quite frankly tough, you deserve it. Unfortunately some website owners spam without realising it. Because of this we will be posting a blog shortly on the things not to do to get seen as a spammer, a kind of tick list of what not to do.

Hopefully this has cleared up any confusion, if not feel free to contact us direct. 


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