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  1. Ok maybe not that Bing but Microsoft’s new search engine Bing is here.  Its early days yet to judge how it will catch on. The company say “So, why a new search engine? Why the new name? Why now?

    Well, because even though search is a pretty amazing thing, the current state of search engines has some equally amazing statistics.

    So far in 2009, there are four and a half websites created EVERY SECOND as the web continues to expand. While more searchable information is cool, nearly half of all searches don’t result in the answer that people are seeking.”


    This is very true and here on the SEO blog on the SEO-advisor side of mind control international we agree. There are so many websites being set up so fast that the dilution of information and finding the right information is a nightmare. For SEO’s or companies looking to stay ahead of the maddening crowd something has got to give.


    We have for a awhile from here sprouted the thought that thinking like the customer is key and that this will shape how companies future on the internet pans out. When I type in motorbike lessons in Dudley I don’t want to end up with piano lessons in Scotland and so on.


    So if Microsoft, like Google, are making changes to the way they rank websites and how relevant searches are to the searchers request then we applaud them. SEO’s you need to be wary and adapt.


    Microsoft say they came up with a radical decision to start again. They call it a decision engine, not a search engine, to help you make smarter faster decisions. Let’s see if it will catch on. Google are doing similar things but will Microsoft be able to get a bigger share of the market if they bring better results?


    We are not going to review it at this stage other than to say on the surface it looks no different to a normal search engine but the backbones of it are probably a lot different. I have just done a search for holiday cottages in Scotland and I have quickly found a site and had I had the money in the bank I would almost have definitely booked a cottage. So this is a positive start.


    For more info go to http://www.discoverbing.com/welcome/ or go straight to the new decision engine www.bing.commaybe we need to rebrand the SEO-advisor.org.uk side of the business as a Decision Engine Optimisation Advisor or maybe it is too early to tell.