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  1. Need a server?


    Not sure what to get or what is needed?


    Most growing companies hit a point where a small office network where you all access one main computer for shared files and programs is no longer enough.


    You have been told you need a server. You know you need one and they have lots of benefits and more than often lots of cost associated with it.  So how do you go about getting started?


    Well the first task is to get an idea of costs. This will vary depending on the size of your organisation and the tasks associated with having a server.


    Get some quotes. We would suggest not paying for a quote. A lot of companies may (including the multinational companies) try to charge you for this stating that you can use their quote to get a better price elsewhere. Which is true but then that is just business.


    Get quotes, get an idea of hardware and software costs. If you office is not currently hardwire networked you may wish to look at the cost of this.


    Figure out how much the server and all related hardware and software will cost. Between vendors these costs should be relatively similar.


    The cost of configuring and installing a server and if needed a network may vary though.  You need someone with experience and qualifications and/or skills to configure and install your server.


    The experience should shine through when you start asking questions and ask them you should. If you are simply dealing with a salesman that has been given the badge of Network Expert, Server Expert it will soon be apparent. Whereas a season professional will not only be able to answer your questions but answer them honestly. Make suggestions and explain what the technology can and can’t do in plain English.


    For a quote that is on average 20% less expensive than our competitors and with the capacity for a weekend installation for reduced downtime, using Microsoft Certified and experienced professional contact Insomnia Technologies today www.insomnia-technologies.co.uk today or email [email protected]  

  2. SEO is an important marketing tool.


    Imagine an advert that works for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week and drives people to your shop and through the door.


    SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is that advert and best of all it’s FREE. If you don’t count the man hours or SEO advisors fee for getting you there in the first place. But unlike pay per click you won’t have to pay every time someone clicks on your link.


    Organic search engine listings are not only more trusted by web searchers they allow you to have a 24 hour sales funnel for your business. Together with web analytics you can also track performance and make changes where needed to get better results.


    SEO is often confusing to most, including marketing professional and web designers, but done correctly it can be an excellent sales tool for your business. For some this is the main source of their business income and for a few their only source, so powerful is the organic search listing that some companies have moved away from traditional marketing completely.


    We would never suggest this root until your business has really started to see some good SEO results and once you have analysed the stats to ensure that SEO is indeed your best source of income.


    It would be very foolish in today’s search engine fuelled world to ignore the power of organic search engine optimisation.  If you are looking for SEO services then contact us today for a FREE SEO analysis.