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  1. The world is changing. The earth is revolving. The ground beneath our feet is spinning at thousand miles an hour. Technology is running so fast and mankind is evolving past any rate than ever before.

    As I write this blog I do so on my iPad I will be uploading it to the site and publishing it all from here whilst sat on my couch watching Doctor Who with my daughter.

    The point is we can adapt and change with the technology around us or we can be dominated by those that do. Google is one such place where we see those that adapt and change really making it work for them and those that don't get left behind.

    Even large corporate entities can fall pray and lose business to one man bands because they don't or can't adapt as quickly. A small company can in fact be more dynamic that the large corporates because they have the ability to act fast without needing to gain permission or debate the details for months even years. The internet and google have really levelled the playing field and a small company can grow very quickly because of it. Conversely though a company can very quickly see its profits and sales drop of they do not adapt.

    It is no longer acceptable for a company not to have a website, in fact it should be unthinkable in this day and age.

    A SEO strategy is a must for any company today. An integrated digital and direct marketing strategy is the only way forward. If you do not know what SEO is then you are already several years behind and there is a lot of noise out there about this very subject.

    The good news is that SEO changes so quickly and dynamically that you do not have to have spent the last ten years, as I have, reading, studying and testing out the SEO techniques. Today's SEO strategy is all about quality content and lots of it.

    If you want to research the subject then I would suggest only reading blogs and articles from the last six month and no further back. And I would suggest that even if you are reading this blog 12 months after it was written.

    If you want to know more you could always ask me. I am happy to build some bespoke training around your websites needs or even take on your SEO strategy for you, either way I would be happy to provide you with a free quote.

    The point is that you aim should be to dominate google for your keywords. If you do not dominate Google you will be dominated on Google.

    The choice is yours dominate or be dominated.


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