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  1. The death of the SEO king?

    Is SEO dead? Online marketing and search engine marketing have long been clouded in smoke and mystery it's also been an ever changing sandbox for us SEO guys that have had to adapt to the every change in algorithms from Google.

    The basic premise of SEO is the need to change with technology. SEO is to me very much like hacking. Hacking in its true terms not in the terms the media and the movies, hacking in the terms of taking something reverse engineering a site or a search engine algorithms to figure how to the this info to beat the competition to the top of the search engines.
    The bottom line is that SEO and online marketing are all about getting people on to your website through search engines, social media and other digital sources.

    For some time now I have been reading online articles about SEO and is it dead. The reason for this is quite frankly that Google has banged on and on about content is king and their most recent algorithm shifts have certainly had an impact that would suggest content is king and the SEO is less important than it used to be.

    Well that would depend on what you truly know or think SEO to be. If you think SEO is all just meta tags, keywords and gaining links wherever you can then you are probably not far off. After all at least the first two are pretty well documented and relatively easy to sort out yourself for the savvy website owner.

    But if you consider SEO to be more; to be about website integrity, structure and form, its ability to integrate across platforms and devices from not only a speed of accessibility across mobile platform to PC but also you need to consider mobile and tablet search engine algorithms and how they differ from traditional, impact of good html5 structure, good design and user experience across these platforms.

    Also important to consider is how social networks are taking up a larger portion of the online marketing mix, what is your social network marketing or even applications development strategy.

    The point is that SEO is not dead at all in fact it is bigger and better than ever, it is also very different from when I started back before I knew what the term is for it.