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  1. You should definitely take special care if you click on an Internet advertisement that uses an auto responder. On certain websites believe me, these can be found. In some cases they are perfectly safe, while in other cases, they can ruin you financially if you are not aware of the fine print or specific questions they might ask.

    Unfortunately, there are too many predators and those who would love to try and steal your identity; that lurk on the Internet right along with the decent people as well. So, if you are asked for say your home address, and phone number where you can be reached, you need to consider if you really want to give this information out. Auto responders so they say are for high volume Internet advertisements as well as Internet web sites, and some of them are just fine, still others are not on the level, and only want access to your information.

    This is sad because so many people are purchasing items on the Internet today. This is a technical generation. This is partly why there are so many Internet advertisements on the Internet now. I don't understand however, the use of the auto responder for the use of the Internet advertisements we see. Its not like we don't have enough of a responsibility to keep our personal information as undisclosed as we can. And in many cases, these Internet advertisements that use the auto responders are not on a secure page, or site. This however, should send red flags up to everyone.

    Internet advertising is on the rise, and it is no wonder. Almost every home in the United States today has some kind of access to the Internet. But as for these Internet advertisements with the use of auto responders the best thing one could possibly do to preserve their information, is see if they can do a search on the Internet advertisement material and see if there's not an actual website you can go to, instead of having to use the auto responder at all. By doing this, the website may in fact, be secure and this is much better is they are asking for information wouldn't you think. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being cautious.

    And by chance, if there is nothing that comes up within your search on the Internet advertisement you were looking at which was using the auto responder it then gives you the awareness that providing your information was definitely not a good idea, and could definitely be a mistake.

    Believe it or not, its usually websites or different areas on the Internet that use the auto responders. Not the Internet advertisements and banners you will find on any specific website you are currently on. For example if you are a gaming website and an Internet advertisement comes up for clothing or household things, but yet it uses an auto responder, there's a problem somewhere. Something just doesn't fit, so remember to think about these things, when looking over Internet advertisements.

  2. With so many things becoming automated and driven by software these days from SEO to my cars desire to make me comfortable, which borders on the creepy computer HAL from A Space Odyssey, it is no wonder that the world of advertising would catch up.

    At the moment the focus of the technology and indeed this blog is on the online advertising aspect which allows marketers to get their adverts in front of people searching the web via computer, tablet or mobile device of choice in real time, at the right time and for the right price.

    RTB is the buzz with programmatic advertising. It stands for Real Time Bidding and does exactly what it says on the tin, it allows advertisers to bid in real time for ad placement in front of the people they want their advert to be displayed at the right time. But Real Time Bidding is not programmatic advertising but rather one of the programmatic advertising options.

    What is Programmatic Buying?

    Well quite simply it is the process of buying digital advertising space using automated software. It allows publishers and buyers of advertising space to purchase that space in an automated way through Ad Exchanges, DSP and SSP’s in an automated way instead of the old fashion model of publisher sells space, advertiser negotiates on price and advert gets placed.

    Programmatic buying is faster and more rewarding for both parties. Publishers don’t need sales people to annoy customers by calling them up and trying to sell them the ad space, cutting their resource costs and meaning they don’t need pesky egocentric salesmen with half a brain stinking up the office and buyers don’t need to waste time with phone calls, emails and negotiations.

    But even better for the advertising buyer is the fact that they can get their message out in front of their potential customers in real time. It is becoming widely accepted by buyers that are now using this type of advertising technique that they are seeing greater returns and more customer engagement using programmatic advertising.

    Its real benefit is its ability to be used to target your specific audience demographic in real time only when they are accessing the site in question. Meaning vastly more targeted advertising. When used together with a retargeting/remarketing strategy this enables advertisers to reshow, or show for the first time their adverts based on what the user has recently or previously search or the websites he or she has visited.

    Sounds a bit big brother. Well it is but by the very fact of the user/searcher accepting these things it allows the advertiser more ability to get their message directly in front of the people they really want it to be in front of them, directly at the time they want it in front of them, when they have recently been or are currently thinking of the type of service or product being advertised. This is probably the most power advertising and marketing tool on the market today.

    Companies that have engaged in programmatic advertising have seen staggering results in ROI from their campaigns over previous advertising campaigns.

    So How Does It Work?

    Well it’s all driven by data. The results are driven by the advertiser or advertising buyers detailed log of their target audience. The more detailed and specific the advertiser can be the more targeted the advertising will be. The profiling is not just about demographic and psychographic detail it is also ensuring that the context of the advert display is in line with the behaviour of the potential customer.

    With programmatic advertising the software used by advertisers in affect conducts a deal with the auction systems that the advertiser has decided to interact with. These deals are for impressions in milliseconds and determine who gets their advert in front of the potential customer and when. This is the part of the process that is commonly known as Real Time Bidding.

    There are then two main approaches that the advertiser will use

    1. Based on the price of the advert where the buyer is looking to reduce costs and optimise their adverts, this is still a very manual approach but is not one to be ignored.
    2. Is a value based purchasing program. The exciting element here is that the platform used has the ability to learn from its mistakes. Its fails based on the consumer negative or lack of reaction to the advert shown. This enables both publisher and advertiser to deliver better more targeted and relevant advertising to their customers.
      1. Gone are the days when you paid for mass Ad Exchange or Network advertising only to see your advert appear on a website where it just didn’t fit or was out of place (at least that’s the theory).

    If you take this targeted, programmatic and direct approach it will improve your digital advertising campaigns no end. If you add in a retargeting/remarketing strategy then you are playing with gold dust.

    It offers

    • Targeted advertising direct to your potential customers, when they want it and how you want it
    • It provides online marketers with more control and improved return on investment for their campaigns
    • Real time results that enable you to adapt and change your campaign quickly to make improvements
    • You are paying per impression, not for a block of advertising space over a period of time, this is far more cost effective than traditional banner advertising
    • Flexible dynamic approach which means your direct advertising campaign can work with your business needs and customer wants in real time

    Industry Noise

    As with a lot of online marketing we are used to the old saying “it’s all smokes and mirrors” which is usually said by the ill-informed.

    With programmatic advertising there is some of this. It can seem a quite complicated playing field to enter and some of the terms are confusing if not at time contradictory. The IAB (The Interactive Advertising Bureau) has written some reports on this subject where it calls for clarity of the subject to enable buyers to feel more secure in what they are buying.


    All in all programmatic advertising looks like it is here to stay and those taking part in it are find it a real benefit to their advertising and marketing campaigns making it essential to their ongoing strategy.