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  1. Customer Acquisition and Insight

    Through programmatic advertising you can get message and adverts in front your target demographic when you want, often for the price you want and only pay for the consumer engagement you receive.

    Once we get that customer to visit our sites and accept that cookie through remarketing we can ensure that once they have left our sites our online adverts will show in front of our potential customers when they visit other websites not related to us just because they previously spent time on our website and hence we have a second, third and fourth chance of advertising to our potential or existing customers and enticing them back to our site.

    In today’s modern digital marketing environment through the use of cookies and tracking the customers IP address the ability to obtain more and more data on our customers, who they are, what they have looked at on our sites, where they have been, what they are interested in. We can build an entire profile for every single potential customer and actual customer of our site, if we so wish and we can then guarantee our future marketing efforts will not be wasted by remarketing to them.

    As soon as the customer fills in a form on our website then all of this history from the IP address tracking can and will be assigned to that customer details and added to the CRM. We can then use this information to ensure we plan future marketing to our customers in this database around what they have looked at and been interested in our site previously. Now that we have a name and if they are a B2B customer maybe a company name we can, if we wish, find out more information about this customer through their LinkedIn profiles and other social networks and so forth.

    We can then remarket the ass off them if we so wish.

    If we gain an understanding of social psychology we can use all of this information

    We can obtain so much information about our customers but we have to ask ourselves just because we can does it mean we should?

    Cookies and Consumer Privacy

    Whilst all of the above will not be news to most if not all digital marketers it is an exciting time to be a digital marketer because we can get so close to our customers. Digital marketing is less guess work than any other form of marketing and has now become a real science.

    But just because we can doesn’t mean we should. We have to ask the ethical questions to ensure we do not run away with ourselves and what the technology can do.

    “Yes but a customer does not have to accept the cookie on our website so the very fact that they have means that they have given us permission to track their information”.

    Well yes this is a good and true point. Back in 2011 the law changed that meant that websites had to display the fact that they used cookies and customers had to accept that cookie for us to continue. But do customers really know what they are accepting?

    As digital marketers we know that the law cannot keep up with our ever changing technology driven world and more importantly most consumers do not know what they are agreeing to when they accept a cookie on a website. Dressing it up as “improving the customer’s experience” is another way of saying “we are using this information to track you and market to you in every way possible” but it is more than this.

    In my next blog we will look at what cookies are so that you as a consumer can be aware, protect yourself and actually use them for your own advantage.