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  1. Is Marketing Segmentation Leading Us Dangerously close to Political Segregation?

    link has now moved to here http://psychosocialinsights.com/blog/read_175452/is-marketing-segmentation-leading-us-dangerously-close-to-segregation.html 

    New article on Psychosocialinsights.com looking at how social networks and segmenting customers can lead to segregation of political views.

  2. The importance of behavioural marketing and communications has never been more relevant. For businesses small and large as well as media analysts and marketing analysts these skills and tools can prove very fruitful.

    Behavioral Marketing is the analysis of customer behaviour across your digital platforms and ecosystems and using this information to better deliver promotions and information to them. With marketing automation, this can be a very nice and easy to use system to gain more value out of your customers.

    Gone are the days when demographics was enough. Now instead of blanket marketing to people based on age, gender, economic and geographic data we can market individually to thousands of customers at the same time based on their behaviour, their likes and dislikes. Meaning our message can be closer to the mark.


    This might sound scary and like a lot of work and to be honest there is a lot of work up front for the setup and analysis, but it is well worth the investment and time.

    Even better still if you can employ the skills of a Behavioural Marketing & Communications Analyst or practitioner into your team. This will mean that you can be more reactive and dynamic in changing strategy based on not only the study of the analytical data from the customer's behaviour but also you can take some time to review their communications, using social listening tools. This together with discourse and conversation analysis you can build a fuller picture of whom your customer is.  

    You can also build into your modelling the social factors and sociological factors or political and economic factors that may affect decision making.

    Software and automation are great but adding in the human element is the most important factor. Having a digital analyst that understands behavioural communications or communication psychology and linguistics should not be underestimated.