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Pre-work students in school or higher education are the future of the internet and the marketing of products. They are the future for development of applications, new technologies and thinking.


By teaching them SEO principles, eMarketing techniques and how search engines work we give them the tools to control this part of their future. Add to this teaching them sales & marketing techniques we also introduce them to how the business world uses the internet to get consumers attention. We also educate them to the marketing techniques used to gauge their interest and attention.


This together with online safety as part of the process helps youngster to protect themselves now and to look at a career in online marketing for the future.


Our educational SEO services are bespoke to your needs but generally cover the following areas


·         History of the internet

·         How the internet works

·         The business world online – the emerging online economy

·         The basics of search engine marketing and optimisation

·         Careers in online marketing

·         Being aware of marketing techniques on and off line

·         The potential for growth for online business and technologies

·         Being safe online

·         And more.......
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