Forensic Behavioural Insights

In today’s world, it is often easy to forget that we are all just people dealing with people.

Every day from consumers online to business to business transactions we are all still dealing with human beings.

Understanding the digital behaviour of our customers, staff, competitors, students and even that of those that threaten our safety and data can open up real insights into where we have advantages and weakness.

The world media is rife with news about hacker and online digital threats but did you realise that the biggest threat to your business could be your employees? Not through any malicious intent (although that can happen) but through negligence or not being aware of how their social media profiles and sharing, for example, can make your company open to a threat.

Even if we are not talking cloak and danger threats but merely competitor or market intelligence. Do you know the amount of useful information you can glean from a digital forensic analysis of the market, the competitors, the customers and all of their behaviour can glean?

From SEO techniques and social listening tools, all the way through to forensic data mining, behavioural analysis all the way through to market research and social engineering audits we have the tools and experience to put you in the picture.