Forensic Behavioural Linguistics in Digital Marketing

Forensic Behavioural Linguistics in Digital Marketing - Telford, Shropshire, West Midlands UK

At iLife, we conduct forensic behavioural linguistics and psychometric profiling to gain insight into customers personas, their online behaviour, their likes and dislikes and their feelings around brands, subjects, products or media.

We take this information to make improvements on when and how marketing communications are put across, how the target audience feels about those messages and make improvements. Optimising the customer’s experience with the digital marketing as well as streamline their journey through the client web site effortlessly but also through in the direction we want them to go using behavioural economic insights and nudges.

Through the utilisation of a range of digital marketing analytics, data science techniques and social listening tools we can gain real insight into not only the way the customer engages with our media but also into the way they think, the technologies they use and the way they feel.

We can use this information to improve the effectiveness of marketing and communication in influencing customer behaviour.

This does not mean we use manipulative cloak and dagger stuff, but we do optimise the and improve the customer's experience. A client that enjoys and aligns with a brand or message because they enjoy the experience is a more satisfied customer that will return again and again.