Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence Service


The initiative can provide members with market intelligence in to key market areas. This data will be gathered via market research calls together with obtaining market intelligence data. This information can then aid companies to make better market decisions and more focused marketing campaigns.


For companies looking to bring a new product to market the initiative will also provide market research into size and scope of market as well as price and competitor analysis.

Market intelligence: our exclusive market tracking software means that in these uncertain economic times we can keep an eye on your customers and competitors for you. Should a change happen within one of the companies you supply you will be notified within 48hours ahead of other creditors.  
This knowledge could be priceless with company after company going under overnight. If you are one of the first creditors making a claim then you are more likely to get paid.


With competitor monitoring you can keep the competitive edge. Knowing about changes in the competitions infastructure, directors, group or financial situation.


On top of this our software enables online competitor monitoring so that you can keep ahead of competitors online and gain marketing intelligence to benchmark against.  

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