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With the explosion and sheer power of the internet and social media platforms now companies need to take online reputation management serious. Bad reviews can kill businesses, a negative comment or complaint on your social media account can cause you embarrassment and with the internet these things can not only stay around forever they can also spiral out of control.

Some tips are: don't fight fire with fire, no company ever took on the trolls and the negs of the internet and won. It's a dangerous game to play and has literally ended in businesses going under.

We would suggest that if you get a complaint online that you deal with it, ask them to DM you or call you back and deal with their complaint head on. Be apologetic online without admitting fault and be seen to your wider audience that you deal with complaints in a positive way.

And what about trolls? Well by their very nature they like to hide in the dark places in the world wide web and they tend to be very obvious to both you and your audience that they are what they are. As previously stated no one ever won by taking on the social crowd on the internet in an argument but a company that provides a good customer experience and a positive social media presence does not have to fear the trolls as they will be evident to be nutters to everyone. Quite often, with brands that connect well with their audience when trolls appear their customers leap to their defense.

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