Optimised Online PR (Public Relations) for Business


SEO PR Services 


Targeted PR


The initiative will provide members and clients with targeted trade and local public relations and press release writing and distribution services. We also provide online media pr services to enable companies to track the results of their PR and increase links back to their website.


Is PR for you?


In old fashioned terms PR has always been hard to judge. With SEO PR you can not only guarantee more of your press releases get published you can track our results. On top of this you can build links back to your web site and increase traffic to your website.


Optimised PR ticks all the boxes:-


  • Increased Brand Coverage
  • Increased Links to your Web Site
  • Increase Page Rank for your Web Site
  • More traffic and customers to your Web Site
  • Increased Search Rankings for your Landing Page and Website


Benefits of Optimised Online PR


With Optimised Online PR, a service we offer, you not only get online media coverage and web links back to your web site but these articles are written to be not only reader friendly but also fully optimised for search engine spiders. This helps to increase search rankings under targeted keyword strategies, as well as work as part of a fully optimised linking strategy. 


This requires 3 core skill sets:


·         Copywriting / PR writing abilities

·         An understanding SEO techniques

·         Strategic eMarketing Planning


If all this sounds baffling or a lot of hard work, why not leave it to the professionals contact us today – note this is not a free service


We also offer a media monitoring service.


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