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Firstly let us state there is no such thing as real mind control. In that you cannot take control of another person’s mind.

There are, however, psychological techniques used by marketing, advertising and sales professionals every day to persuade people like you and me to buy their products.

Have you ever gone into a shop or search online for one thing and ended up buying a lot more than you had planned to?

This website is dedicated to teaching you the basic psychological sales and marketing techniques out there so that you can increase sales for your business, increase your conversion rates and earn more commission.  It is also a useful resource for people who want to arm themselves against these techniques so that they stay in control of their own purchasing behaviour.

From direct face-to-face sales, to advertising techniques, telemarketing and persuasive copywriting we will aim to cover them all in time. Including understanding and adapting to online consumer behaviour to increase conversion rates.     

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Psychological Sales Techniques: Understand how a basic understanding of psychology and sales techniques can increase your sales tenfold.

Mind Control: Mind, Body and Power Sales – learn to control conversations and negotiations to increase your commission and sales.

Telemarketing: The art is not dead – often seen as a dying art form telemarketing is still one of the most powerful sales tools available.
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