Social Media Marketing - Creating a social identity for Social Change, Telford, Shropshire

Social Media Marketing is a must for most if not all social enterprises, charities and SME's looking to make a social impact these days. Why? Well if you are not engaging in this media you can be damn sure not only your customers are but so are your competitors.

Social media is fast becoming more crucial to the digital marketer than SEO because it is quicker and easier to get results and interact with your audience.

But how do you grow your audience? What is the right type of profile to set up? How should you engage with your audience? What sort of content do I need to create? What happens if I get a customer complaint on my page? What is the best course of action? Which platform do I need to be on, facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube or any over the 1000+ others out there? And how do I manage it all?

Companies that engage in it well create a real customer experience for their audience and create a social identity for them that they want to be a part of. Co-creation and collaboration with customer are just a couple of ways in which companies are creating new social identities for their customers. This is one of those occasions where social science meets digital marketing.

We provide social media marketing management services to those looking to make a positive social impact.

Social Media Marketing based in Telford in Shropshire we cover the entire West Midlands and beyond.

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